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Properties held for Development



Kunshan Qiandeng Kingboard Yu Garden(Phase 1 & 2)
  Kunshan Kingboard Qiandeng Yu Garden in Qiandan Town, Jiangsu Province is another residential project of our Group. Construction in 2010 commenced and pre-sale is tentatively scheduled for mid 2011.
Address: North-east of Hankun Road, South-east of Wenbi Road,  Qiandan Town,Kunshan, Jiangsu Province


Huaqiao Kingboard Plaza
  Huaqiao Kingboard Plaza, situated in HuaQiao Town, Kunshan City, provides over 430,000 m² GFA for SOHO, office and retail uses. It commenced construction in 2010. Huaqiao Kingboard Plaza is near to a lake, surrounded by trees, and also conveniently located adjacent to Shanghai Metro line 11. The integration of rural tranquility and urban vibrancy offers a favorable environment of high versatility and vitality.
Address: South of Guang Ming Road, West of Xu Gong Bridge Road, HuaQiao Town, Kunshan City Jiangsu Province


Shanghai Kingboard Plaza
  Shanghai Kingboard Plaza in Changning District, Shanghai is a SOHO, office and retail uses property project. It provides easy access to Shanghai Hongqiao International airport. It has already commenced construction in 2010.
Address: Qiu 2 and 3, Square 224, Xinjing Town, Changning District, Shanghai


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